Why People are Greater: The Genesis

Sitting across the table after enjoying a nervous lunch of all-you-can-eat grilled liver and onions, I was about to ask my benefactor to finance a laptop for our ministry.  He had already given financially to redesign our meeting space as well as adding more equipment to our weekly presentations.  Nervously, I asked the question I had been getting ready for the whole time we were eating, “Jim, is it possible for you to finance a laptop so that I could better be able to minister?”

There was a pause.

A long pause.

He sat back and thought with his hand to his lips.  He slowly reached into the vest pocket of his jacket and grabbed his checkbook. Pulling it out, he looked frustrated. Or was it determined?

“Jason,” he said, “I am going to give you the money to purchase a laptop.  Before I do, I want you to understand something and I want you to listen. You minister to many people every week.  Not one person is more important than this laptop or the video equipment or the buses or the building you meet in.  People are always more important than things.  Don’t ever think one piece of equipment is ever more important than a person. If you remember that, you will be successful.”

Today, the laptop is long gone but those words – people are always more important than things – are forever stuck in my memory.  Thus, the legacy shall continue.

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