Accepting Anger as Normal

Happy. Joy. Anger. All of these are state of emotions which are built in to the personality and DNA of a Masterpiece like yourself created by the Master. Yet, with one emotion, most feel a sense of guilt.  When it rises, there is a feeling repentance must follow.

Anger is an emotion just like being happy. You don’t feel guilty for being happy. Don’t feel guilty being angry. Being angry is normal. It is part a the process of accepting a situation as it is though you would rather have the results be different. Being angry is part of the acceptance of what is going on now yet knowing what deep down in your heart what God can do as well.

Anger is a natural emotion. Yet, God, who the Bible shares gets angry as well, encourages us to not sin when we do get angry.  (Ephesians 4:6)  In fact, He further encourages us to not be angry for long.  How long? Don’t let it last a few hours . . .as in not letting the sun go down before you get out of your emotional state.  Why?  Because anger effects our well being. Its spoils are stress, anxiety, sleep, rest and perfect peace.

God gave us authority over everything on the earth, including our emotions. God created us with emotions, but He never intended for our emotions to control us! Unfortunately, most people allow their emotions to rule their lives. When emotions dominate you, they will lead you away from the will of God for your life.

One scripture I hang onto like a lifesaver when life is trying to drown me emotionally and rob me on my peace is “God will keep me in perfect peace as my mind is stayed on Him.” (Isaiah 26:3) Keep your focus on Him.  No matter how bright the lightning, no matter how loud the thunder, and no matter how strong the wind, don’t take your eyes off Jesus who is the Prince of Peace in your situation.

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