Parenting with Scissors

Parenting today is hard. It takes a truckload of common sense to live in a world where it is non-existant. Try to teach your kids who you raise to use common sense and then rip it away when it is needed the most. But this is America 2017. Common sense has left the building.
My child shares he had accidentally brought home the teacher’s large adult supersize scissors. My wife told him to take it back to school the next day and return them promptly to the teacher. A few hours later as I was lying in bed, it suddenly hit me. He couldn’t simply take those scissors back. He could get suspended or even arrested in today’s culture of zero tolerance. The thought of my fifth grader getting arrested and me losing my mind in the principles office and on the media led me to write a quick email to the teacher. I would take them the next morning and turn them into the office.
The next morning with scissors in hand, I walk up to the front door. You can’t enter without pressing a button, identifying yourself, and then the door is unlocked. I am thankful they know me as I walk with them in hand. There is no special way to hold scissors which makes you look like you could not stab someone.
I walk into the office and they all stare.I was a parent with scissors. It is not everyday someone walks in with just a pair of scissors. I shared my son’s story and sadly, they understood and agreed nodding their heads. How far have we come?
How far have we come where returning a pair scissors have to be specially delivered by a parent and not trusted by a student?  How far have we come where our schools are similar to total locked down prisons where identification is required before entering? These are our schools today but how quickly have we declined.
We need a revival of common sense.  We also need a revival of mercy.  I remember a time unfortunately long ago where mistakes could be made and forgiveness could given.  Today a mistake is made and there is a call for their head. No time for understanding. Just swift judgement and this is the world we have to raise our children.
We have to teach them to be proactive. Think about worst consequence which you can imagine and make a decision though it does’t make sense.  We can’t parent how we desire.  We parent how others believe we should parent.
This is the world we live in. I am still not use to it. Don’t know if I ever will.

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