Sadly, One of Our Youtube Videos has 17K Views.

A five year old little boy visiting Atlanta from North Carolina was tragically killed while enjoying a meal with his family at Atlanta’s famous Sundial Restaurant.
Locally known as the Sundial, it is a place I frequently visit entertaining guest from out-of-town and enjoying great lunch dates with my wife. The Sundial is located on the 76th floor of the Westin hotel.  You may not be familiar with the Westin but every skyline of Atlanta depicts its tubular structure standing tall alongside other skyscrapers.
After checking with the host, you enter an elevator. You are whisked straight up like a rocket entering orbit nonstop until you reach the restaurant. You arrive and another host greets and seats you on a rotating floor where you can see all of the Atlanta’s splendor – the famous soon-to-be-demolished Georgia Dome, the Coke Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, the remnants of the late Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves. As you go around and you peer in the distance, you will see the famous Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain.
I was trying to impress my wife for Valentines a few years ago when I went there for the first time.  We were taken to our seat and at the moment, our table was behind one of the dividing walls between two large windows. There was no view.  Embarrassingly, my wife asked if we could sit somewhere else.  The waitress reminded us the floor moved.
Last year, I took my three daughters there for a day on the town.  I began recording the moment on my phone to record the special day.  My girls loved every minute. I came home, pieced the video together, and uploaded it to our Youtube channel.  I shared it on my social media pages. It got a few views. Like the rest of my videos, the videos sit there for others to enjoy but the biggest fans of the videos are my own kids. They love remembering fun times experiencing the world.
I was sharing with someone about one of our other videos. I went to our channel and while there, I wanted to see how many views one of our most popular videos had received.  It was when I purchased our kids a new phone – a flip phone.  It was then I noticed the video of our lunch at the Sundial had gotten over 17 thousand views.
I went into shock. Then I was confused.  Then I remembered it had to be the death of that precious little boy which reached national attention. His death was personal to our family. It was such a contrasting experience compared to our times there. Hearing on the local news for a couple of days brought confusion and sadness. Our sympathies are for his grieving family. No loving parent can imagine the pain.
The Sundial is currently closed. It’s floor unfortunately has stopped rotating. How long? We are not sure but we hope for not too long. The restaurant has brought delight to my friends and an unforgettable experience for our out-of-town guest.  For my kids, happy and smiling memories with hopes for more despite the sad and tragic accident.
Having over 17 thousand views is normally something to be gratified.  In this case, I wish we had our normal view of just a few.

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