5 Things I Do to Make Our Lives Simpler (and Happier)

Our crazy 24/7 culture plus our lives in general and and lack of time keeps us from placing ourselves first.  It almost seems unspiritual to place yourself first when we are constantly taught to serve others.  Yet, how can we serve others when we are depleted, depressed, and diminished?
When flying, the flight attendances remind us to make sure to place the oxygen mask on ourselves first before assisting others. How important it is for us in life.
A few years ago, I learned the importance of taking care of myself.  With careers, kids, spouses, finances, home management, and time, we can easily find ourselves at the back of the line. We are taking care of everyone else while we neglect ourselves so I began to discover ways which made our lives simple , reduce stress and anxiety, and just feel better.
I have complied a list of things we have found to make our life easier and emotionally and mentally make us a better person, employee, parent, and spouse.  After reading my list, let’s connect and share me your ways to make you a better you:
Detail my Car
This was a recent discovery both with time and money.  A block away from my office is a car wash with wifi. I usually go right when they open up, take my laptop, and work while my car gets detailed. This has been life changing.
With seven kids who thinks every door handle and cup holder is their own personal trash bin, this makes me believe in the beauty of my car again.  Traveling with kids jumping in and out makes the carpet look like a aged rug never cleaned.
Now, every time my car is cleaned is like getting a brand new car.  It takes years off my car. . . and me too!
Monthly charge: $50 plus tip. 
Get a Haircut
Now this is kinda free for me. My 19 year old son, Jacob, cuts my hair in our manly garage barbershop every two weeks which we affectionately call The Rowland Barbershop.  The only catch is I have to cut his hair too. There is nothing like a fresh cut. Evelyn Lauder, famed philanthropist and credited as one of the creators of the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness symbols, said one of the most important things about looking youthful is to have a modern haircut. Having a your cool 19 year old makes this happen for me. Coco Chanel famous quote about getting a hair cut said a woman who cuts her hair is a about to change her life.  I agree with a masculine twist: A man who cuts his hair is about to change the world.
Bi-monthly charge:  Free (kind of). 
A few miles from my home in the middle of the mall is a massage kiosk where you can grab a fully clothed.  If you can get beyond the mall’s foot traffic,conversations passing by which you can not help hearing, and the barking toy dog the next door kiosk is trying to sell, this is a great way to place for a 30 minute massage.  You straddle the massage chair, place your face on the donut hole and away you go. Go on a midweek day early in the morning when there is no crowd is better.
Monthly charge:  $32 plus tip. 
Hire a Housekeeper
My wife, Karen, was lamenting a lot about our home.  Our kids can be like a hit job on your home every day. She would share her frustrations with ‘her’ kitchen, the kid’s bathrooms, the guest’s bathroom, and then circle back around to the her kitchen.  What is a husband to do who lives by the mantra ‘A happy wife is a happy life?’ I finally caved and hired a monthly housekeeper to come clean and organize. She is now a happy wife and a happy wife is definitely a happy life.
Monthly charge: $100 plus tip. 
Clean and Organize Constantly
This is totally free but worth all the time to invest in a constantly cleaned home and office space. A phrase my wife has constantly preached to me all of our married lives is ‘a place for everything and everything in its place.’ I think I almost got it after all these years.
Christina Scalise, author and professional organizer, is quoted to say organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving overall quality of life. I totally agree and this is how exactly how I feel. Stress seems to flow away when things are consistently and constantly clean and organized. I think better. I work better. I parent better. I am a better husband simply due to things being clean and organized.
Charge:  Free but time is money and it could take a lot of time or money to be clean and organized.  See item number one. 
I hope this helps you make some changes which will place yourself back to number one and begin to take care of the most important person in your life and those around you – you.  Some of these are budget friendly to most and some of these are financially out of the question.  They are not the be all to end all regarding you.  These just work for us.
There are many other ways to make your life simpler and place you back on your throne of you.  I would love to hear what you are doing and what you do to take care of you. Let’s connect.  I would love to follow up with many other ideas you have to reenergize, refocus, and reconnect with yourself.

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