Spirit is Thicker than Blood

Adoption found us. Though we tried countless ways to biologically have children, adoption eventually was in the greater plan God had for us and our children too. When I met Karen, I was already raising a teenager, Jerome, whom I had been raising since he was eight years old. One of the very first conversations Karen and I had was when she stopped me one day in a hallway and inquired about adoption. She had wanted to adopt as well.

When you get married and the honeymoon phase ends, you desire to have children of your own. We tried almost every medical and old wives tale to get pregnant. Nothing worked. When we had tried almost everything, we traveled a few hours away to Tallahassee, Florida to meet with a specialist.  He presented to traditional but very expensive ways which could give us a small percentage of pregnancy and he presented some non-traditional ways which was more expensive to our beliefs and faith.  We left terribly sad and disappointed.  On our way back home, something dramatically changed in our spirits.  We accepted the fact God had something different for us going forward in building our family. Adoption would be the pathway and as soon as we got home, Karen hit the computers researching.

Today, our home is filled with a lot of children and love. Don’t let pictures of our smiling children fool you. It has not been easy but it has been worth it.  What is more amazing than the simple act of adoption is the greater story of our lives brought together by the Holy Spirit.  Our family is made up of various races and personalities.  Like puzzles pieces how different we all are, we are one family brought together by God himself through his Holy Spirit to make a family masterpiece only He could have created.

Our family is truly an example of the saying “Blood is thicker than water but Spirit is thicker than blood.”  When Jesus was approached by a Jewish leader inquiring of salvation, He likened the Holy Spirit to wind.  You don’t see it. You have not idea where it comes from or where it is going.  He is the Holy Spirit and He is sovereign to do God’s Will.

In each of our children, we can say that example was the example of each adoption story.  One day we are one child less (or five child less) and the next day, he or she arrives. We didn’t see them.  We didn’t know about them. We didn’t know they were coming but now they are our’s and the puzzle is more complete.

Our family’s adoption story has helped many on their path to becoming an adoption family. You may have been considering adoption or foster care.  Maybe this is your starting gun to enter the crazy race and lean into what God has for you and your family.  No, they may not be blood, but spirit is always thicker than blood.

We have more to share about our adoption story. Though Karen obediently follows the Lord’s calling, she humorously has a saying about the ending our adoption story or the expansion of our family: The End.

I will end this post like I do when I share our adoptions stories (and there will be more): to be continued . . .

4 thoughts on “Spirit is Thicker than Blood

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