7 Ways to “Do Good” at the Supermarket

Doing good makes you feel good.  We live in a time where civility is fading.  Ideas like preferring others over yourself and do good does not get a lot of attention.  What if we don’t have any ideas about how to do good?  What if doing good is not something big which makes the news but something so small it could impact one life around you? What if you don’t do every once in a while but you do it on a daily basis and it makes some else’s day and your day better? So let’s start with shopping at the supermarket.

Going to the supermarket is like being a part of the Indy 500.  It is a pretty complex space during the high times of the week.  People with their shopping carts or as we call them in the south, buggies, whizzing through the aisles like caffeinated race car drivers.

The supermarket can be a dog eat dog world especially with folks with coupons rushing to get the latest free items.  (This is from a former couponer. I write about that here.) There a few ways where you can get out of the fast lane and do good while shopping for your favorite foods. So I came up with a few suggestions to place others first and do good even while shopping at the supermarket:

1.  Let other’s have parking spaces closer to the front.  

I am not sure about other places but in Atlanta, it is common to be extremely patient while going down a parking lot aisle.  There is the one car with its blinker on indicating to the eight cars behind it its intention to go in the empty parking space. There is no room to go around the car.  Unfortunately, the parking space is not presently empty.  It is occupied by a nice elderly lady who can barely lift her bags into her trunk.  She will then slowly return her shopping cart to the return.  Then, she fumbles to find the right key to get into the car.  She will slowly back out to be sure to not hit the car awaiting who is parked so close so other’s won’t think about taking the space. She is then on her merrily slow way.  In her wake are eight furious drivers.  They are not mad with her but with the greedy driver who selfishly hogged the parking aisle and refused to just find another space.

I have been in this situation and I have seen this situation.  Sometimes I am coming out of shopping for one item while the car who held up everyone is just entering the store.

Drive on.  Let others enjoy a closer parking space.

2. Watch how you park. 

Don’t take up two spaces.  Don’t park too close to the car next to you and make it inconvenient to enter or exit their vehicle.

3. Hold the door for others.  

If the opportunity presents itself, be careful to observe those around you.  If someone is behind you, open the door and hold it for them.  Gentlemen, hold the door for others but especially ladies.  Let’s let civility rule the day again.

4.  If there is one item, let the other person enjoy it. 

This is for the extreme couponers out there.  (Before you send me your hate mail, couponers, I write about my experience couponing here.)  There are hot items out there which go quick because they are generously priced, on sale, or if you have a coupon, you may get it for free or close to free. I have seen two people fight over the last bottle of shampoo like two boxing champs because they both had coupons to get it free.

If there is one item and you find yourself and someone going at the same time for the last item, for peace sake, let them have it.  Shopping is not a sport nor is the supermarket the WWE arena.

5.  Let those with few go first. 

Greediness abounds in the grocery story.  In the check out line is where it abounds more.  Don’t be the person with 50 items and someone struggling comes behind you holding five and act as if you don’t see them. Be courteous. Smile and ask them go in front of you.  You will feel better and they definitely will feel better.

6. Occasionally pay for the person’s groceries behind you. 

Again, look around. I am not saying pay for someone’s two-cart monthly grocery shopping experience.  Budget accordingly.  If the person behind you has enough items which you can afford, do good.  Pay for it.  Again, doing good makes you feel good.

7. Return the shopping cart to the return.  

The height of laziness is not returning the cart to the return. It is also a sign of lack of excellence. (I learned this from Joyce Meyer’s years ago) Failing to return the cart can result in damage to other vehicles as well as take up needed parking spaces for others.  Be excellent and return the car.

Here are few ideas.  I would enjoy to hear your’s.  Let’s connect and together work hard to do good.

And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him. Acts 10:38

I like being able to go grocery shopping and not feel that I’m fighting a thousand people. Roz Chast

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