Life Off the Grid

There are seasons in our lives where God compels to live off the grid.  Off the grid is a term coined when a person lives what is normal to abide by abnormal rules for living.  Today, it usually when a person chooses to live without electricity and other daily utilities in order to live a simpler life.  Normal is overrated.

Off the grid for us refers to a season when God moves upon a believers heart and compels to them live for a moment with less interaction, less social media, and less conversation. It is a stripping of the normal to a moment of being abnormal. Yet, it is abnormality which God created from the beginning for our lives with him.

In the beginning, God created man to walk with him ‘in the cool of the day.’ (Genesis 3:8) The Bible delicately details how we are formed intricately by the hands of the Master Creator into His masterpiece. (Psalm 139) Man was created for God.  We are created to have intimacy with Him.  Intimacy boiled down to ‘into me you see.’

Yet, life takes over. Family grows. Work complicates. Gadgets confuse. Cars tear up.  Homes need repairing. Has society created instruments to make life easier for us only to end up making life more complicated?

Jesus was compelled to live off the grid for 40 days. (Matthew 4) His tour guide and our tour guide for a life off the grid is the Holy Spirit.

It strips you away from everything. There is no script. No vacation guide. No template. No schedule. You place yourself at the feet of the elements. You discover what you are capable of and how big yet simple God is in your hectic, chaotic world.

Life off the grid is part of the school of the Spirit. It is a part of the maturation process as one grows to learn about themselves and the God they serve. It stretches and pulls. It strips us bare and yet, clothes us at the same time.

Life off the grid is part of the School of the Holy Spirit. It is part of the 101 course of a believer’s life. It is the classroom of the Spirit where He teaches us all things. (John 14:26 and 1 John 2:27)

The school bell is the wooing of Spirit nudging us to come away.  Class is in order. You sit. You soak in what you see and hear. Lesson are not always taught.  They are caught. The Great I Am teaches us to be.

There is no grade. It is an endurance test. You complete the course thinking you have learned nothing until something or someone comes along and the skills learned while being off the grid comes bubbling to the surface. You remember. You recall. You live.

Choosing the live off the grid is like choosing for the first time to jump of the diving board after you just learned how to swim. You are apprehensive. Scared. Nervous. Yet, you jump and immediately after you hit the water, you can’t wait to do it all over again.

Embracing the season is a choice. Like school, you have to be willing.  Signing up is a simple yes of the heart and obedience to attend.  When graduation comes and you look behind the hard times of endurance, you smile knowing to yourself you did it. It was the best thing you ever said yes to.

Unplug. Unwind. Disengage. Silence. Turn off. Whatever it takes, choose a season to live off the grid and plug into the power of the Spirit.  Listen, learn, and explore with God life’s limitless possibilities with Him at the head. Life unscripted yet scripted by the Master.

Breath and simply say yes.


4 thoughts on “Life Off the Grid

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