Conversations with the Creator

Do you kneel? Stand? Walk? Wait to do it at the altar of a church?  These are plaguing questions when wanting to know more about prayer.

Prayer is the simple conversation between the created with the Creator. Prayer in is simplest form is a conversation, discussion, talk, or chat between you and God.  It is elementary.  We make it collegiate.

Mine and my wife’s, Karen, best place to have deep conversations are while we are dining out or driving. It works for us. Home can be hectic. Going out simplifies our lives and helps us to focus on one another. All relationships (marriages, best friends, family, etc.) have a place where they connect more intimately with one another.

Your relationship with God determines where the best place to talk.  For me and God, my car has been the place where He and I meet, talk, cry, hash things out, get mad, surrender, and ask for forgiveness.  I love driving and my car is my sanctuary.  When I am by myself and I get in, it immediately becomes my secret place – my prayer closet.

The main mistake many of us have regarding prayer is making it a monologue and not a dialogue.  We pray with God and not to God.  God wants to talk to us about everything which matters to us.  He doesn’t want us to be anxious. He says with everything by using prayer and adding thanksgiving to it, we should present our request to him. (Philippians 4:6) He urges us to throw all of our anxiety onto Him because He cares for us. (1 Peter 5:7)

The more you talk with Him, the more you will learn His voice. It is undeniable. It is  simple as knowing the voice of your own mother or father. We are able to listen to His voice and by His voice, we will follow.  (John 10:27)  Life with God is an adventure. He encourages us to call out to Him and He will show us great and mighty things. (Jeremiah 33:3)

Two weeks before an annual conference I was to attend, the Lord told me I would see one of my colleagues.  I, along with many others, had been praying for him as he was on his death bed.  The day of the conference, he was still in the hospital according to social media.  I was confused.  I know the voice of my Father.

The next day was the ordination service and he was getting ordained. My friend was not there. To my surprise, he received his ordination while attending via livestream projected on a large screen so everyone could see.  It was a very powerful and moving moment.  Today my friend is his healed and has a powerful testimony of God hand bringing him back to life.

Let me encourage you to drop all of the preconceived rules regarding prayer and begin discovering ways to find time with God. God desires intimate moments with us. Anytime He can get us alone is His favorite time.  There, you were learn his voice and discover the rhythm of your relationship with the Almighty.

6 thoughts on “Conversations with the Creator

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