Art of Adoption(s): She Had Me at Hello

Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person who needs you. This is your chance.  Mother Teresa

A few months before I met Karen, Emily gently nudge me to ‘get a life.’ Seeing me enjoying being single a little too much, the matriarch of prayer and wisdom nudged me to open my eyes to my future and towards my destiny.

One Sunday night service, I was in the lobby and Karen came up to ask me about adoption. This was the first time we ever spoke. She had seen me raising Jerome who was 15 at the time and had desired to adopt a daughter.

A week later after a Sunday evening service, we were both invited by our mutual friend, Judy, to go out. She had to leave early but left Karen and I to talk. Karen looked at me that evening as ask for my vision. I had been leading an outreach which over the years reached thousands of inner city kids. In addition to weekly ministry goals, I shared with her I would like to see a home for children. I remember distinctly sharing with her I had no ambition of leading it.

Soon, we would be politely asked to leave. We had talked so intimately they had closed the restaurant and we were still talking.  They had to turn the lights off and leave but couldn’t while we were still there.  We took our conversation out to the parking lot and continued for a short time.  Later, I went home and Jerome was still awake. I told him I was going to marry that girl!

We look back on that night and laugh. God laughs too. He was the one who orchestrated us together like two puzzle pieces.  He scored that night together and brought two people together to bring about His will not only for our lives but for the lives of our children and others.

God placed those desires in our hearts for adoption before we met and brought us together to create a piece of artwork. He knew there would be a Joshua, Jacob, Jadon, Karena, Kaylyn, Kristina, and Jair who would need a mother and father, a family, and a home to be raised healthy and whole. The home for children He placed in my heart was used to bring about a sanctuary.

15 years later, I would not have expected ‘getting a life’ would be moving the Atlanta metro area with Karen and home full of kids.  I got a life better than I deserve impacting my life and other’s for eternity.

Don’t hold onto the temporal when God desires to use you to for the eternal.  I question often what if I did not hear the wisdom of Emily? What if I refused Judy’s invitation? What if Karen and I never met?  The list could go on and on. Jesus says the wind of the Holy Spirit moves but we don’t know where it comes or where it goes. God’s will is in the wind and you have to be bold enough to strap in and go for the ride.

Where is the wind of the Holy Spirit taking you today? What is He doing in your life today to effects someone’s eternity?  Who is He using today to speak into your life when you would rather not listen? Who is the person you listened to who got you where you are today?

Be available to what God desires to do in your life today to effect someone’s eternal destination. When it is complete, it will discover it was never random. It was God and watch Him blow your mind to how your life and other’s will be effected by your simple yes.

To be continued. . .

Karen and I would love to hear your story. Let’s Connect and share your adoption story.

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