Art of Adoption(s): Allowing the Author to Write Your Family’s Story

How does a person in their 20’s or 30’s write an autobiography? Like the ocean’s tide, our lives are always changing. Our story today will not be the whole story tomorrow. It will only be in part. 

God tells us through His Word we are living stories written by the Holy Spirit and written not on paper but on human hearts. (2 Corinthians 2:2-3)  Anything alive is ever changing, ever moving, and ever getting better. Why sum up a great story when it is not complete?

Recently I was approached by a major film crew wanting to do a documentary about our family. When they shared their purpose of telling our kid’s stories, we had to end the agreement.

Their stories are powerful and ever changing and our children’s stories are their stories. Mine and Karen’s story of our inability to have children and now parent to many is our story. Their stories are their’s and Karen and I never desire to take their stories away from them. 

Currently, there are two big developments on the Rowland front. One with our whole family and one with one of our kids. I look forward to sharing a big change in our family’s story when it is complete. What is currently happening definitely shows to never close the chapter when God is not complete. 

The other event in our family regarding one of our kids will be their story. Taking it away from them is not for us to do. God is writing His story in their lives. They are the co-authors and Karen and I choose to not plagiarize. 

There is a joke between myself and Karen regarding adoption and our future. She says this is the end (regarding adding more children). I always say the story is to be continued. I end every adoption post with to be continued because we both know our story is ever changing, evolving, and yes, climaxing. 

I have learn some things over the years about God. One is to never put a period where God has placed a comma. Don’t be quick to end when God desires to keep writing. Your story is never over until you take your last breath. 

Never put a question mark where God places a period. When something in your life is complete, move on. God always uses dead things to produce greater things. Adam and Eve died eating fruit from a live tree. We are now alive in Christ because Christ died on a dead tree. 

We close the book when God desires to continue writing. Open your living journal – God’s journal – so He can continue writing. There is a best seller in you. The Author of your story has written an all time best seller called the Bible which still blankets shelves today everywhere. Let the Author of all authors continue to write your story.

What is happening in your life today where you see God’s hand? Have you placed a period where God has desired a comma? A question mark where He has desires a period? Open up the covers of your book and allow the Master Author to keep writing. 

5 thoughts on “Art of Adoption(s): Allowing the Author to Write Your Family’s Story

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