48 Descriptions of the Word of God

Refraining from every evil way

A record of His testimonies

A revelation of His ways

A code of His precepts

A List of His Statues

The sum of His commandments

The righteous judgments of God

The source of cleansing

The words of God

A ready counselor

The source of life

A history of Godʼs wondrous works

A tower of strength

The way of truth

The way of God

The way of righteousness

The way of salvation

A true trust

The word of truth

The source of hope

A source of comfort

The subject of songs

The foundation of good judgment and knowledge

A source of delight

Something better than riches

A book of promised mercies

The testimony of His mouth

An eternal plan

An unforgettable code of laws

Something infinite in its scope

A source of wisdom

A source of knowledge

Something sweeter than honey

A lamp to the feet

A light to the pathway of life

An eternal heritage

A source of joy if obeyed

A stay in trouble

Something to be feared

The word of Godʼs righteousness

Something to be loved more than silver and gold

Something wonderful

The source of light

Something understandable to the simple

A code of laws for the upright

A righteous and faithful testimony

The pure Word of God

The truth from the beginning

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