Standing on the Word of God

When Paul used the analogy of the Roman soldier to the believers in how that should cloth themselves in God, he stressed the importance of armoring our feet with the ‘gospel of peace.’

“and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.” Ephesi- ans 6:10-17 NIV

The shoes or sandals of Roman soldiers would have been strategically prepared for optimum warfare. In order to have better footing in battle, they would place nails or spikes in the bottom of their shoes. The common day sports cleat would have nothing on these ancient armor practices.

In the same way, being prosperous and successful in the Word of God comes from standing on the Word of God. Storms will come. Sickness will come. Division and strife will come. Beloved, be strong and courageous and stand on the Word. Dig in your heels. Make those nails or spikes that you are using as you are protecting your feet with the gos- pel of peace go deep down into the Word.

My wife is from The Bahamas. I remember the very first time I went to Nassau, Baha- mas and rode from the airport throughout the island. I would see houses I thought had been or were going to be demolished and torn down. There were some foundations.


There were others with just foundations and walls. Cement blocks were stacked upon each other. I learned later they were not demolishing the houses. They were just getting started. They were building homes and buildings which would last through a hurricane’s toughest winds. Houses in The Bahamas are built on a strong foundation to prevent them from being blown away during a hurricane, which are prevalent in the Carribbean. All houses are strategically built on the years of wisdom of builders who built homes which stood hurricane force winds.

In the same way, build your spiritual home to withstand the hurricane force winds of the enemy. Use the Word to build a strong foundation and strong walls to withstand de- bris which will test your walls and foundation.

Dr. Jim Baxter is my long time friend and mentor. Many of my personal principles in life come as a direct result of his leadership investment in my life. He is currently the head of the chemistry department of my alma mater, Valdosta State University. One day, he saw I had an old Dake Study Bible. He asked if I would like a new one while we were having lunch. Saying that I would, we left lunch and directly went to the local bookstore and pur- chased a brand new Dake Study Bible – maroon leather. I still have that beautiful Bible. It sits on my desk in the same place it sits on Jim’s desk. That day I remember him telling me, “You live by this Word and do what it says, you will be successful and prosperous.”

Today, everyone around me knows my personal mantra when I have to make deci- sions – sometimes tough, life changing decisions. That mantra is “One day, I have to stand before God regarding this.” The only way I know I am doing the right thing and my decision will bring about success and prosperity to my family and to our ministry is to base it on God’s Word.

Beloved, be strong and courageous.

Stand on God’s Word in all seasons and in all decisions.

Meditate, walk, and talk the scriptures. We get more out of the Bible when we let more of it get into us.

Beloved, don’t let the only Bible you get every week come from what the preacher is preaching on Sunday mornings. You will starve to a spiritual death!

This is an excerpt from my book Meditate.Go here to purchase the Kindle version.

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