5 Ways to Make a Great Impression

Sonya Parker is quoted as saying, “Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.”  Oscar Wilde said, “My first impressions of people are invariably right.” Will Rogers is known for the lasting quote which is used most often referring to first impressions, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

First impressions are important.  You, your home, your business, your office, etc. is always communicating. It is pretty easy to make a first impression and here are a few steps to get you going in the right direction.

1. Be On Time 

Being late or habitually late share with others their time with you is not a top priority if you mean it or not.  No one in the room is interested in your ‘good excuse’ for running late.  Arrive early. Allow the flexibility of possible unknown delays. Arriving early is of utmost importance than arriving late and it show excellence.

2. Dress for the Event 

Physical appearance matters.  If you are attending a casual event, be casual.  Business event calls for business attire.  You do not need to look like a model to create a strong first impression but lack of preparing will create a bookmark in people’s mind.  Before I attend an event where I am not sure or aware of the attire, I contact the person leading an event and ask the attire.  This helps a lot in making a decision regarding attire.  A picture is worth a 1000 words they say.  So will you in how you show up unprepared and not dressed appropriately for an event.

3. Smile 

I was recently with a business owner for four hours and he did not smile once. Smiling goes a long way. Smiles create a great first impression.  Smiling, done with warmth and confidence, creates ease and approachability.  A great smile is a open door for others to be attracted to you.

4. Look people in the eye.  

This is a lost art.  Looking people in the eye exudes openness and confidence. I can tell in the first few seconds of meeting someone how confident they are right in that moment.  Body language and appearance speaks much louder than words. Smiling along with standing tall, a firm handshake and looking one in the eye displays your confidence in yourself as well as your surroundings.

5.  Pay Attention  

I suffer from undiagnosed extreme case of Attention Deficit Disorder.  Hyperactivity – not so much.  If I am in a room where I know a lot of people, I am terrible at being able to provide my attention to just one person.  Yet, when I do provide my attention to just one person, I feel empowered and I feel I gave my all to them.

Tame the tiger of ADD or ADHD in crowds.  It is hard but your time, though for a few seconds, makes others feel empowered and valuable.

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