Art of Adoption(s): It’s Moving Day

If you’ve read my post, Art of Adoption(s): Unless the Lord Builds the House, it shares how our home was a set up by God to move our family from three to nine members through adoption.  We thought we would retire in our home many years from now but today is moving day and the Rowland’s are out!

It is a God story in itself but it definitely shows you can’t close the book on God when He desires to make it a chapter. It also shows how important to place ‘to be continued’ at the end of your story instead ‘the end.’

This move is a move of God more than a move of our family. We are not moving far. We will still be in the Atlanta metro area. Though we arrived here in Fall of 2006, we are just beginning.

I have learned a three things about myself through this:

1. I don’t like change. Change is hard especially when you are comfortable and content. I have fought this move with my myself, my wife, and God.

2. I like things organized. All of us have been living out boxes for a while. Nine family members living out of boxes is utter chaos.

3. Let God be your real estate agent. He knows far more than you do. He makes things go in your favor and gives you preferential treatment in all things. Make Him your real estate agent when moving.

Well, I have to finish packing before the movers arrive. Next time I post, I may be posting by the pool or the lake. 😊

Before I conclude, I look at what God did in our home.  What is God going to do in the next home?!? What a journey!

To be continued . . .

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2 thoughts on “Art of Adoption(s): It’s Moving Day

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