Art of Adoption(s): Unless the Lord Builds the House – A Testimony

I have previously shared in the post, Art of Adoption(s): Unless the Lord Builds the House, regarding the home the Lord gave to us in order to build our family. It shares how my wife, myself, and Joshua moved into a large home with lots of room for God to build our family from three to nine.

A week ago, I shared in the post, Art of Adoption(s): It’s Moving Day, how the Lord provided a new home for us and we were moving. A total contrast to the previous post.

Well, we are here.  The rooms have been set up, curtains hung, wifi installed (can’t live without that one), and we are adjusting to our new home.

My wife, Karen, recently shared this information on one of her social media pages how God provided our new home.  I thought it would be great to share her testimony.

Allow me to share my testimony regarding our change of address. In Sept 2008 when Jason, 2-year old, Josh and I moved into our 5 bedrooms, 41/2 bathrooms, 3-level home, we were amazed that God would make it possible for us to live in such a huge home for such a small family. BUT, God knew that there was an 11 year old Jacob and a sibling group of 5 who were coming to their forever home! While at the Southern Latin District Women’s Conference back in April, I attended a session for Pastors wives and at the end, the speaker, a missionary wife prayed with individual pastor’s wife. During her prayer with me, she spoke a Word of Prophesy in which she stated that I think I am blessed now but that my best was still yet to come! I had never met her and so I knew she did not know me. Only my husband knew that I really felt that God had indeed blessed me beyond what I ever expected! Two months ago we had no plans of moving! However, like the Daddy God that I serve, He has decided to provide Jason and I with a home, that both our realtor and loan officer knew that the price we paid for this home was because of divine intervention! More than $50,000 LESS than the asking price!! My growing kids now have their own bedrooms! Now time to sell the other house! Anyone interested in a 5 bedrooms, 41/2 bathrooms, 3 levels with a fully complete basement in a great, quiet neighborhood…..let us know!

As always, I must end in our iconic conclusion to our adoption stories. . . to be continued. 

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