“Lord, You are my Real Estate Agent”

I have been in the middle of two major transactions – purchasing and selling a home.  Now that we are settling into our new home, our focus now turns to our old home.  Selling our home is a learned process which I haven’t done in about 13 years but I do know someone who does.

When Moses asked God what to say to the Israelites, the Lord responded by saying, “I Am who I Am. Say this to the people of Israel: I Am has sent me to you.”  (Exodus 3:14).

Reading this years ago, I said to myself,  ‘I am what?’ Later, it would be illuminated God is who you need Him to be at the time you need Him to be.  He is the Great I Am.

Throughout the Bible, He revealed Himself throughout the Bible who turned to Him for who they needed.  To those who needed healing, He was a healer.  To those who thought they were not seen, He was the God who sees. For those who thought God was not there, He was the God who was there.

Grammatically speaking, the verb “to be” is said to be the most frequently changed word  of the English language, constantly changing form, sometimes without much of a discernible pattern. Considering that we use it so often, it is the verb “to be” which has to be the most irregular, slippery verb in the language.

Yet, God chose this verb to represent Himself.  It sums up who He is.  He is never changing yet ever changing.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrew 13:8) but to us, we see Him differently every time He moves in our life on our behalf.

Like a diamond set in a ring, it changes not. As light hits it, we see the diamond differently.  The sparkles are different.  The beauty significantly enhances but the diamond never changes.

Right now, I am selling my old home. I need help, advise, wisdom, and direction. I have advisors but I also know the real estate agent who I need – God. I know Him personally. He will provide direction on what I need to do to prepare the home to sell.  He will market my home perfectly. He has the right people to view it. Ultimately, He will sell it.  He will get it sold. My trust is in Him.

Who do you need God to be in your life right now? Your rent maker? Your mechanic? Your mortgage maker? Your light bill payer? Your provider? Your healer?

Begin praying to Him right now to Who you need Him to be. He is the Great I Am and I say often to the people at Living Waters International Church, He is our God who always like to show up and show out.

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