Art of Adoption(s): Rollin’ with the Rowland’s | How We Get Away

Change of place + change of pace = change of perspective

I first heard this equation from pastor, author, and church leader Mark Batterson.  It really makes a difference. My personal pastor encouraged us all to take two weeks off.  He would share it takes two weeks to obtain full rest – the first week the junk is getting the junk out and by the second week you finally enjoy vacation.

I have personally taken this important advice.  Karen and I along with the kids load up our RV and hit the road for two weeks.  Yep, the answer to one of many questions regarding our family is how we all together vacation. The answer is RVing.

Our RV is our third RV.  We began with two Class C RVs.  Karen and I would sit in RV parks dreaming of owning a Class A RV – a bus style.  Last year, we took the plunge and purchased one. We love RVing and we love our RV which we call Selah.  Selah is a Hebrew poetic term meaning ‘to pause and think about it.’  Our RV sleeps 10 and as most RVs it includes its own kitchen and bathroom.

RVing led to us expanding our family.  We would be enjoying beach side RV sites or Disney’s Fort Wilderness with Jacob and Joshua and think we could bless more children with the experience.  In fact, our first trip as a family of nine was back to Fort Wilderness and Disney World.  It would be a trip to remember but not for the right reasons.  That is for another post. Lol.

Yet, the kids love loading up the RV and hitting the road. Those are memorable vacations.  We have enjoyed cities like New Orleans, Key West, St. Augustine, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach.  We have experienced river tubing, the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota including Mount Rushmore, shoe horn goats, buffalos, and alligators.

A few weeks ago, we were able to get up to the North Georgia mountains for a few days.  We were taking a mountain scenic highway after a special dining experience eating fresh trout by a trout filled river. We were turning a curve when we came upon for the first time for all us a black bear and her cub in the middle of the road. The whole car was filled with awe.  from the South Dakota Black Hills to the bears each one of these experiences add up to great childhood memories for all.

This summer, our vacation includes more river tubing, horseback riding, ATV trails, and some hiking (and hopefully more bears).  Of course, the food list includes loads of ice cream, watermelons, and pineapples. We also throw in a few steaks and local and fine dining experiences as well.

At the same time we are enjoying vacation, slowly and surely the cares of the world – ministry, church, business, etc. – drift slowly and surely away.  That is the importance of rest. Time away causes all of the stress, pull, and tug of life to temporarily be placed away and suddenly you rest. It is a time of recalibration. Rest brings about a resetting.

This is why I encourage our team to get away and get away often.  As a pastor, I know they need to get away. Our church needs them to get away.  More, their family really needs them to get away and rest. Everyone benefits when one is able to spend time away from the norm.

What are you doing to get away and discover a change of place plus a change of pace equals a change of perspective for you?  What your vacation plans this year? How do you rest while on vacation? If you don’t have time to get away, what can you do to schedule time away if for a few days?

Visit our Youtube channel, Rollin’ with the Rowland’s, to see videos of past trips.

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