Why You Should Be Baptized | Twice Baptized – My Story

This is one of several parts to biblically explain the reason why as believers we are to be baptized.  Please take time to read all the post which will be coming out the next several days. If you have any questions, Let’s Connect.  

On November 14, 1982 at the age of 9 years old, I was baptized at my local church. At nine, all I wanted to do was get in that water and swim. I loved Jesus. I was a pretty good church boy attending church since I came from my mother’s womb.  Yet, at that age, I was looking forward to getting into the big bathtub at the church.

From the age 9 to about 18 were crazy and tumultuous years of my life.  Physical and family changes occurred. My parents divorced when I was 14 and from then until I graduated high school my whole life which all I had known didn’t exist anymore.

I attended churches all over the places. There was a desire to always be in church but settling on the right church was difficult.  From the time my parents divorced, I was dissolution with church, life, and and family.

In my senior year of high school, my church attendance dwindled horribly until spring of that year.  Easter was coming and I needed to be in church because every good church boy goes to church on Easter. Right?

I attended a church who had recently moved into their new campus around the corner from where I lived. Going there Easter morning was where I committed my life to Christ and made Jesus Lord.

I was going to go to college in about 5 months. I remember struggling at that time because I was already feeling the tug of wanting to do more for Christ. At the beginning of summer, church wanted to have a baptism and they were going to do it in a church member’s pool. I was determined to be baptized again. I needed to be baptized again and at that moment, I had gotten baptized for the second time and the last time.

Jesus was so real to me.  My life was renewed.  People ask often if they should be baptized again. Theologically and scripturally, there is a no need to be baptized more than once. Yet, I an one of many for various reasons who has been baptized twice. I got baptized because something on the inside of me changed unlike before. I was raised to life and was experiencing the abundant life Jesus said I would receive when He came into my life.

Let’s visit the ancient path of baptism. 200 years before Christ, a man by the name of Nicander gave a recipe using the term called baptiso. Baptiso is the Greek word for where we get baptism. Baptiso actually means to wash with water, to dip or to immerse or plunge or plunge under or submerge.  He wrote a recipe regarding a cucumber. The recipe said to take a cucumber and baptiso it in vinegar.  The baptized cucumber will change to a pickle.

The word baptiso was also used in another term regarding dying cloth. It said if you had a piece of cloth and you were to baptiso (baptize) the cloth, it would change from one color to another to never return back to its previous color.  Thus, baptism is a ceremony which Jesus asked us to do as an expression of an outward visible sign of the inward and spiritual divine grace. It is usually partaken after a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in the presence of the church body as a public proclamation of the inward things that have taken place in the life of your faith.  It is one of the two required acts which Jesus said we must do as believers. The other one is communion.

The second time I got baptized,  I made a public proclamation by act in front of everyone present something on the inside of me was different.  Though it was a pool where we can have fun, dive, and jump, it was not the same. Over the last couple of months, I had experienced the Jesus I had never known as a child.  I had experienced the Jesus I had learned about in Sunday school.  I had learned about the Jesus my mother had prayed to for me to give my life to Christ of this rebellious, awkward, crazy, out-of-mind teenager. I had finally met my Savior and Master, Jesus Christ and I gave my life to Him.

When they said we were doing a baptism, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should be baptized again. I had already been baptized. I asked my pastor, “Can I get baptized again because inside of me something is so different.” I’m glad he said yes! I chose to be baptized again for the last time and publicly stand with Christ.

To be continued . . .

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