Why You Should be Baptized | Can A Person Never Be Baptized?

This is the final installment to  biblically explain the reason why as believers we are to be baptized.  Please take time to read all the post which will be coming out the next several days. If you have any questions, Let’s Connect.

Start Right Here At Baptism
Your story is different from mine but the Holy Spirit wooed us all to Christ.  He allowed us and convicted us of our mess and is turning our mess into a message. When you accepted Christ, you were raised to life. Jesus Christ became your Lord and when you make a public proclamation of an inward conversion through baptism, you will show you no longer live on your own but Christ lives in you.
As I prepared to go to college, my life was rededicated to Christ and I was baptized. I was baptized one month, went to the university the next month.  I was no longer living. It was Christ in me. I had a open communication with God.
Jesus showed me things.  He pulled and prodded me using my talents, giftings, skills, and abilities for His glory. I was not my own anymore. I didn’t belong to myself. I did not belong to my parents. I didn’t belong to the university or my own personal dreams for myself. I belonged to Jesus Christ because I was buried and resurrected in Jesus using water as a symbolic gesture of my new life.
Can A Person Never Be Baptized
The last thing that Jesus said as He turned to His disciples,
 “Go out in all the world and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19
Many usually ask can he or she be a Christian and never be baptized. The answer is yes. Yet, I always respond by replying why would you want to when our Master and the last thing He said to us was to go out into all the world and baptize those in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?
Be baptized. Your baptism is part of your message. It is your first message to those around you of your new life.  It is part of your story God is writing as you as the central character. When you go down in the water and you come back up, it it will be a public confession and proclamation Jesus has done something in your life. It is the outward expression of what God is doing in your life right now. You’re are raised to life.
It’s interesting. A Cucumber?  In a salad or on a sandwich, it is a cucumber. Yet, you take it and baptize it in vinegar and as it comes out, it’s a pickle – never to be called a cucumber again but a pickle. It’s the same with baptism. I can’t explain it. I don’t think there’s nothing really scary supernatural about it.
As there is nothing supernatural about graduation or supernatural about a wedding except it being an outward expression of something changed. Isn’t it something how you can be at a wedding ceremony, look at a bride and a groom and all of a sudden, they’re different than when you saw them before the ceremony? Something’s different.
Maybe folks want to see a different person on the job. You are saved. You are going to Heaven. What would happen to your life if you personally took a public proclamation of that inward conversion?
Maybe you’re considering to be baptized soon. Maybe you’re like myself and God is doing something new in your life. You want to make a public stand of to whom you belong and whom you serve. You know this time it is right. Be baptized.
Invite family and friends for your baptism. Go public. Remember, Jesus took us in our mess to create a message. Your baptism and your public act is part of your message.  My prayer is as family and friends see your public act of your symbolic transformation, they will also see your spiritual transformation and be drawn to the same God your worship – Jesus Christ.
Contact your pastor or church today to be baptized.  I celebrate with you on your acceptance of making Jesus Christ Lord of your life.  Now, let’s celebrate publicly with your church family as well as your personal family and friends on what God means to you! God bless you.

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