Eagle Christian

Over the next several post, I will be sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge us to ‘mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God.  Enjoy. 

Eagles are the kings of the birds.  Throughout history, the eagle – not the falcon, nor the hawk, or the dove – has been seen as a the bird of power, strength, and freedom in cultures throughout all the world.  In my country, the United States of America, the eagle is our national bird.  We, as Americans, are thankful because it was the turkey which was a close second to becoming our national symbol.  The turkey is not what most see as a powerful bird.
 With over 60 species of eagles around the world, they are different from many other birds of prey. They are known as raptors, mainly by their larger size, with more powerful build and heavier head and beak.  They have unusual yet powerful eyes which are very large in proportion of their heads and their pupils are enlarged as well.
Some species of eagles have a wings spread of 2.5 meters across and use their massive, sharp talons to kill and carry off prey as large as deer. The Golden eagle, which resides in the southern Europe and southern Asia area which migrates to the middle east throughout the year, is known for taking turtles and dropping them upon rocks to gather them for their meal.
 Native Americans historically would offer eagle feathers to other tribes and non-digenious people who were deemed worthy.  Aztecs, an ethnic group of central Mexico who dominated large parts of Mesoamerica from the 14th to 16th centuries, were known to build cities where they had seen an eagle land.  Eagles plague greek mythology, historical documents, and historical story tellings from generations long ago.
A familiar verse of the Bible encourages believers to be like the eagle:
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
 The word trust, as here in the New Living Translatation, has been translated by other translations as ‘wait’ and ‘hope.’  It was only used one time in the whole Hebrew part of the Bible.  It literally means to be so tangled together to the point you cannot tell the difference between one or the other. When you have to braid hair, you can not tell where one strand begins and the other ends.  Another example is a rope which is a strong cord made by twisting together strands of natural fibers.
  The Bible says for us to be so entangled (or as Christ said, grafted) into God would causes our strength would be renewed and soar like eagles. We should be so entangled, braided, and roped into God our friends, family, co-workers won’t be able to tell the difference between ourselves and our heavenly father.
     The scripture says we will be like eagles.  What is so unique about the eagle?
    In order for us to understand the uniqueness and power of the eagle, let us explore what, or shall I say, who the eagle is not. Lets explore some birds which can give us more understanding about the power and the majesty of the eagle.
To be continued. . .

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