Eagle Christian |Eagle? Canary? Pelican? Flamingo?

I am sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge you to mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God. Enjoy.


Canary Christians have a lot of potential but they’re content just to remain caged. They have tremendous potential but they’re constantly caged. They are caged by addictions.  They are caged by their churches.  They are caged by their own inferiority to others. Sometimes they’re caged from their unhappy or abusive childhood. They are caged by bad relationships even though the broke up took place 10 years ago.

Caged canary Christians can never imagine a life of freedom. Maybe you are a caged canary. You go to church and sing worship songs about freedom. You think and imagine what freedom could be like.  When the Spirit of the Lord is present in the worship experience at your church, you imagine a freedom. By Monday morning, old caged mindsets come back. What if freedom is better on the outside of the cage than what is being experienced on the inside?


Pelicans always look to fill their desires instead of others. The Pelican’s number one job is to eat. They have a ravenous appetite which should consume the word of God but sits back and passes gas.

These spiritual pelicans let the ladies do all the work. They sit in their man caves and ask the lady of the house to bring them a drink. Women are at your church every Sunday yet men are at home doing the manly things.

I know a lot of pelicans Christians. They love to eat. They love to eat the Word of God but they don’t serve anywhere in their local church or their community. They like to eat the Word but they don’t feed anyone spiritually.  They come in and enjoy the presence of the Lord, they enjoy the preaching and teaching, they read their Bible but they don’t pass it on. They don’t lead anybody. They just get fat. These are Pelican Christians.


As you enter the Atlanta Zoo, the first animals you have a chance to see are the flamingos.  Adorned in beautiful light pink, there are several of them dipping their heads down to gather food.  Yet, either in person or print, you will never see just one.  These wading birds always move in groups and never alone. They are a very social group whose numbers could range into the thousands.  A flamingo is never an individualist.  It will always be a crowd follower. Unable to think on its own, they will move, eat, mate, and love with the crowd.

Spiritual flamingos can never think on their own. They always speak the verbiage of the fellow saints of the church.  Sometimes a church congregation by itself is like a colony of flamingos who move, travel, live about each other. Usually they are referred to as a family church. They are not always related but acts as a family. They love, bicker, fight, socialize with each other yet leaving is never a thought.

Becoming a new member of the church becomes an arduous process like that of joining a fraternity.  I have known of individuals who have belonged to such a church where leaving would be like that of being excommunicated – forever cut off from the flock.  Frustration abounds but leaving is not an option without dire consequences.

To be continued. . .

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