Are You an Eagle or a Peacock?

I am sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge you to mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God. Enjoy.

Now, the peacock is usually a leader who is very popular with other birds. This is the only bird which maybe popular with other birds but he’s not popular with eagles.

Peacock Christians are good talkers. They’re showy, worldly, and deeply and passionately in love with themselves. They are prideful. They love money. They are usually married to their titles because their identities are in their title and not their relationship with God.

Being in ministry for so long, I can pick them out from a distance. They usually wear three piece suits. They got cuff links and big gold necklaces usually with signs of crosses. Peacocks usually drive high end cars. They usually are filled with such pride that if you do not live, dress, or drive like they do then you are not spiritual enough. They believe their material goods equate their relationship with God.

At our ministry, I have the honor to pastor David and Rhonda Burke. Rhonda sings with our worship arts team and David serves as one of our host who makes sure our guest feel at home. They shared a story with me from years ago when they attended another ministry. At that time in their life, they were using various means of transportation and living in an apartment complex like many who live in Atlanta.

They were not considered as spiritual as others because they didn’t dress like everyone else.  They didn’t drive a Cadillac, which was the preferred choice of car at that time which represented in that church your spiritual status. Regarding driving a high end car, they were repeatedly asked, “When you’re going to get yours? (speaking of a Cadillac) It made the Burke’s, who are exceptional Christian eagles, feel small like a little chicken. They left that ministry of peacocks and have never looked back. They serve faithfully as eagle christians at our ministry always encouraging others to fly high!

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