Are You an Eagle or a Parrot?

I am sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge you to mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God. Enjoy.

Parrot Christians are super religious, does little work on their own, yet mimic what they’ve heard from others. When I say super religious, they are so spiritual no one can attain it. When my wife and I meet a parrot, I usually turn to my wife and share how they are too spiritual for me.

When people come to Living Waters and they are “super religious,” they usually don’t stay long because they discover our ministry is real ministry going forward reaching real people. It is as real as you are going to get.  We are honest. We’re going to tell the truth and we are not going to put on a show. With parrots, there is no substance. They are copy catters.

Like parrots, Parrot Christians usually say the same phrases over and over again.  Phrases like “Praise the Lord” and “I am blessed and highly favored.”  Another common phrase of parrots usually is attributing what they are going to say to their pastor or leader.  “Well my pastor always says. . .”  or “The Bishop always says. . .”  If the parrot does not like their pastor or bishop and believes they have not attained their spiritual status, they will copy well known television teachers and preachers they are always sharing on social media.

Regarding their appearance or vehicle, they proudly display their love for the Lord. It will be covered with religious stickers and/or a gold dove or fish symbol. Recently I was going shopping and as I pulled into the parking space, there was a van beside my space. On the back, it was littered with dozens of religious bumper stickers and of course, there was the gold dove symbol.  I just sat there and waited so I could see what parrot was going to get in and drive away. I usually can spot them a mile away. Now the Parrot Christian is closely related to the Cuckoo Bird Christian . . .

To Be Continued . . .

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