Are You Cuckoo or an Eagle?

I am sharing some insight into what I call the Eagle Christian. I pray they inspire and challenge you to mount up on eagle’s wings and place our trust and faith in God. Enjoy.

The parrot and the cuckoo bird are both cuckoo. When the Cuckoo Christian comes to Christ, there mind become removed instead of renewed. They don’t believe in following in the fruit of the spirit. They’re just ‘fruit loops.’ Like the parrot, they are extremely lazy Christians always feeding off everyone else. They never, ever get into the Word on their own. Just like the parrot, they got to take what everybody else says.

The cuckoo birds do not like to work. They don’t even build their own nest. They leave their eggs in other bird’s nest and allow the other birds to hatch it and raise it. They exist on hand outs.

Cuckoo Christians  operate in a religious spirit and they live on “hints” and not faith. The Bible talks about fleeces and lots. After Judas killed himself, the Bible says the apostles casted lots in order to figure out who the next disciple was to be.Then, in the Bible, there are also things called fleeces.  One example in the Bible is where Gideon placed a fleece of wool in the middle of the field and if the field was wet but the handkerchief was dry or vice versa it was God directing him to an answer. (Judge 6)

Even Old Testament priest would make similar decisions.  The priest used to make decision based on what was called the Urim and the Thummim, which were two stones located on the shoulder part of their breastplate. It is thought God would shine upon them or brighten them in or to communicate His desire.

Today we have the Word of God today. We don’t have to cast lots. We don’t have to set fleeces. We don’t have a Urim and Thummin. We have the infallible, always speaking Word of God.

Cuckoo birds put “fleeces” out still.  They make decisions based on whims and not the Word of God. The live by fate rather than faith.  Cuckoo Christians will go so far as to rely on black magic, voodoo, palm readers, and the like to determine their future.

If this is you, stop! You are committing foolery and committing demonic activity. Stand on the Word of God. Get under solid, accountable, grounded leadership. Leave your cuckoo lifestyle behind and learn to fly like the eagle.

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