You Know the Sin. Do You Know Who You Are in Christ?

The other day when I was having a conversation with a believer who was struggling the the thoughts of a sin, I shared with him a powerful lesson.  The believer had read over and over again what the Bible had said pertaining the the specific temptation he was having in his mind.

Over and over again being tempted, he was being plagued by what the Bible had to say about the sin at the same time.  He could quote the Scripture over and over again.  My message to him was simple:  You know the sin.  You know what the Bible says about the sin.  Do you know who you are in Christ and what the Bible says about you?


I began to share how our souls and minds are like balancing weights. On one side is our flesh and the other side is our spirit.  What you feed grows.  What you starve dies.  You feed the spirit by feeding your spirit about who you are in Christ.  Feed your spirit your rights and benefits through the Word of God.  All of a sudden, your spirit will weigh more.

If you feed your soul with fleshly matters and lies from the enemy about yourself, your flesh will outweigh your spirit. You will then act and walk in the flesh.  Your diet will be consumed by fleshly matters.

Today, you may know the things of the flesh. You have consumed yourself what ‘they’ say about your specific sin.  You fill yourself with it day and night with pictures, social media, videos, and the like with the specific sin.  All you are doing is filling up your flesh.

Again, what you feed grows.  What you starve dies.

Know who are you in Christ.  Know what the Bible says about you.  You are filled with lies of enemy. Fill you life with the truth of His Word.

Following are various post which I placed here to help you begin exchanging the lies of the enemy with the truth of His Word.  For five years, I read these over and over again until I replaced countless lies about me, my past, present and future with the promises of God which are always yes and amen! It may take five years or it may take five months but keep reading and quoting these truths until they become who you are in mind, body, and spirit.

I will give you a 100 percent guarantee the enemy is going to lie again to you over and over again.  The Bible says lying is his original language.  Equip your spirit today by feeding it the Word of God and watch how you spirit grows and grows and grows.

Here are the post:

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