An Excerpt from “A Short Read to Jumpstart Your Season of Fasting”

Every week, social media is a buzz of what and who to pray for: Pray for Las Vegas. Pray for Manchester. Pray for Orlando. Pray for Houston. Pray for Florida. It goes on and on.

Maybe the season of prayer should move to a season of fasting. Here is an excerpt from my book A Short Read to Jumpstart Your Season of Fasting.

The time for praying is expanding.  Now is the time for fasting.

Fasting is a lost art in the Church. It’s something that is done very rarely by many believers in most parts of the world but especially in the United States.  We may pray.  We may read our Bibles. Yet, Jesus led in example, as well as teaching about fasting, and we somehow tend to want to put that aside, and just say that should not really be part of my Christian DNA. But really it should be part of our walk with God, is to have a regular time of fasting – either once a year, twice a year, once a month, but there should be a spiritual discipline that comes along with fasting.

In this publication, I would like to unveil some things to partner along with some new believers in their walk in their faith and their fasting life.  A lot of believers, well intended believers,  always want to fast.  We have found in our ministry at Living Waters that among many who had been in church for many years had no clue regarding the how and why’s of fasting.  For many years in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles,   one could ask others about fasting and they would  say, “Well,  I want to fast whenever the Spirit tells me to.”  That’s like praying whenever the Spirit tells you to, and going to church whenever the Spirit tells you to, and putting on clothes or not putting on clothes whenever the Spirit tells you to.   Jesus didn’t say when the spirit moves on you to fast or if you fast. The Bible says in Matthew 6:16, he said, “When you fast.”

So as a believer, it is important to us to fast. The question is not what we fast. It’s a question of when we fast.  At our ministry, we provide a time of fasting for believers a couple of times a year. We don’t put any rules on it. We don’t tell anyone how to fast. How each person or family fast is done by the believer. We also believe we live in times unlike that of the Bible.  Our diets and cultures are vast.  One food item may not be notorious in one culture than it is in another.  That is why we feel we should not specify congregational parameters for our church.   The only thing our leadership request of individuals fasting is that they fast nourishment – not digital devices, like computers, television, technology, or other not food items.  But what does the Bible say about fasting?

Jesus and his disciples was criticized because they did not fast, and this response to the religious, because the religious in Jesus’ day had this time created rules and regulations about fasting. The religious is ritualistic. The religious at that time had a ritual time of fasting, and when Jesus was with his disciples, he was criticized because he and his disciples did not fast according the common understand ways of fasting.  And Jesus replied to them, “Someday the groom will be taken away from them, and then, then they will fast.”

Beloved, the time period Jesus was talking about is now. Now is the time to fast.  Since now is the time to fast and Jesus said “when you fast.”  The question really is, “Are you ready?”  It really is time to fast.

This is an excerpt from my book “A Short Read to Jumpstart Your Season of Fasting.”  You can enjoy this book as well as other books:


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