What is Your Spiritual Hunger?

Every week, social media is a buzz of what and who to pray for: Pray for Las Vegas. Pray for Manchester. Pray for Orlando. Pray for Houston. Pray for Florida. It goes on and on.

Maybe the season of prayer should move to a season of fasting. Here is an excerpt from my book A Short Read to Jumpstart Your Season of Fasting.

The time for praying is expanding.  Now is the time for fasting.

Many say fasting leads to hunger. But in scripture hunger, or spiritual hunger, leads to fasting.  As you prepare to go into your season of fasting, look at your current circumstances.  Fasting breaks the box.  It changes the situation.  It will satisfy your spiritual hunger and God will meet you what you are most hungry – spiritually.

We have heard many times people say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’  I declare if it ain’t broke, break it!  Fasting is the tool to break up things in your life.  It takes our everyday, ordinary lives and adds adventure and enlightenment to our paths.  Like a till on the back of a farm tractor, fasting will break up and till up the areas of your life so new growth and experiences will break forth.

In 2011, we declared our first fast at Living Waters.  Our first fast was for 28 days.  During that time, a lovely couple, Dr. and Mrs. Eniola Sanni, decided to consecrate their fast for a baby girl. Throughout 2010, the Sanni were reunited after a time of being geographically separated.  She was here in the Atlanta and he was working in South Africa.  Now that they were finally together,  they wanted to try to have an addition to their family.  Being the parents of teenage boys, they desired a baby girl. Before the 28 days concluded, she found out she was pregnant!

Though they desired a girl, they trusted God for His will to be done.  November  2011, Adebayo Sanni was born. They trusted God and His will was victorious.  Adebayo was conceived through fasting.  Today, I am proud to announce as his pastor, I was able to dedicate him unto the Lord.  I believe with all of my heart his destiny has been designed by God.

Like the Sanni’s, there were men and women who knew the power of a fast throughout the beloved scriptures.  They understood to move God, they needed to move.  They moved through the art of fasting.

This is an excerpt from my book “A Short Read to Jumpstart Your Season of Fasting.”  You can enjoy this book as well as other books:


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