Reestablishing the Kingdom of God in Your Life

This is an excerpt from my book, Breaking Generational Sin:  Establishing Righteousness to the Next Generation.

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A cursed life is a lifestyle apart from God and His Kingdom principles and blessings.  Now, we understand according to His Word that the Kingdom of God, everybody has a definition but God has a definition for the Kingdom of God.  Call me old fashioned but I still believe that the word should define the Word.  The Bible says that the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy and the Holy Ghost.

Some don’t have righteousness. Some don’t have peace.  Others don’t have joy in the Holy Ghost.  If you don’t have either one of those three things, your life is off-kilter of how God wants to establish His Kingdom in your life. It doesn’t mean that you’re not saved.  It just means God needs to re-establish His Kingdom in your life.

When we get saved, our soul is saved.  When we get saved, we have asked Jesus Christ to come into our life. What happens is, when Jesus Christ comes to our life, He will only make room for Himself in the house that you have created for Him as much as you allow Him to.  God desires to come in and take over.  The more you allow God to have Lordship in your life, He begins to setup the Kingdom of God in you – righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

I like to get around real saints of God who when life is invading them, they still are abiding in the righteousness, peace and joy and the Holy Ghost. That’s what I call a real saint of God. You know, some of those souls who are always (sarcastically) “blessed and highly favored”?  Those are the same folks when life moves in, they cave easily.  Out of their mouths says one thing but established inside of them is not righteousness, peace, nor the Holy Spirit.

Those who are steadfast with roots dug down deep into the Word of God are those who really know their God. The storms of life will come but there’s still righteousness, the peace, they joy in the Holy Ghost.  No matter how strong the winds blow or how high the waves are affecting them, they are still rooted and grounded in God.

The Bible states the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking. We want to make it rules and regulations. We want to make it where you have to stand up and sit down and confess this and do this and do that.  No, that is not the Kingdom of God.   The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy and the Holy Spirit. logo for blog.001

Watch a video of Jason Rowland discussing the Poverty Mindset vs. Kingdom Mindset

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