3 Things to Do to Break the Power of Sin in Your Life

This is an excerpt from my book, Breaking Generational Sin:  Establishing Righteousness to the Next Generation.

51p7f7nFiAL.jpgAcknowledge the Sin

As you have read this book, you have realized family sins in your life. You know the curse.  Your wife has told you the curse.  Your husband told you what the curse is.  They keep telling you need help.  They keep telling you that you need to be free.  They keep telling you that you got let go.  Some of you lost your job over your curses.  Others have lost your family over your curses.  But today, the first thing you got to do, you need to recognize what the curse is.

I believe in confessing our weaknesses and sin to others.  Confession is the beginning of your journey into freedom.  The Bible say in James 5:16:

“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”  New Living Translation

Sins in our life are weaknesses.  Those weakness are like fault lines.  In the right circumstances, rather by yourself, with a certain group of people, an event, date, or right environment, those weakness take place.  Some hotels in California post special information in their rooms in case of an earthquake so their guest can save their lives in the event.  The reason is those hotels are located on the fault lines.  Confessing your sins to others begins the process of salvation from those weakness.  Healing begins to take place.  Just like those those stickers, those who you tell will provide accountability, prayer, and healing to your sins.

Break the Curse

Second, you’ve got to break the curse.  Not you but the blood of Jesus Christ.  You to allow Jesus Christ, the anointed one and the power of His blood to come in your life and allow the authority of that blood to protect you.  Allow it to cover you and break the curse over your life.  When you apply the Word of God and it’s power to your life and choose to walk in the righteousness and obedience to God, the chains of bondage will be broken.

If you don’t know personally Jesus Christ, submit your life to the His lordship.  The blood of Jesus removes our sin.  Sin doesn’t just want to exist in your life.  It wants acceptance.  And then it doesn’t just want acceptance, it wants approval.  Then it doesn’t just want approval, it wants to be promoted.  And then will not stop until everybody is not only accepting and approving, but also promoting.  If you will not accept, approve and promote, it wants you to cease to exist.  Sin wants to kill but Jesus wants us to have not just life, even sinners have life.  No, He wants us to have the abundant life – nothing lose and things to gain.

Reverse the Curse

Thirdly, we got to reverse the curse. Gaelle, whose story I shared earlier, later became my secretary.  In June of 2013, Gaelle married a prince of a man, Seibou Gounteni, also from Togo. As I previously wrote, she had become free from many things when she realized who she was in Christ.  On that blessed day, they both kneeled at the altar at our church in holy matrimony.  At that moment, she reversed the curse in her yet once again.  One day when she began thinking about the female members of her family, she realized she would be the first lady who got married at the altar of a church.  Now, that is reversing the curse.  And I can tell you that their original plans were not to do it that way but when she realized she would be reversing a curse in her and Seibou’s children’s lives and their children’s children’s lives by getting married at the altar, their decision was quick and decisive.

See, reversing a curse doesn’t mean that you have to have march, scream, yell, or do special actions.  Reversing the curse means taking a different route.  Now taking a different route could require a lot of discipline.  For example, if the package stores is on your way home from work, then choose another route.  You may need to stop going over to her house.  You need to go home and back to your wife.  That’s reversing the curse.

Don’t pick up her phone, change your phone number.  Change everything.  That’s reversing the curse.

Beloved, there are five other keys that you could begin today  living in victory and reversing the curse:

1.  Recognize your enemy.  We don’t battle against flesh and blood.  Our enemy is satan and our battle is spiritual.

2. Forgive those who have hurt you.  Forgiveness is a powerful thing.  Forgiveness does not release the person.  It releases you.

3. Treat causes not symptoms.  Treat your insecurity.  Treat your jealousy.  Treat your fear.

4.  Develop a Godly attitude.

5.  The other thing is align your words with God’s Words.  You can’t do that unless you get into the Word.  What happens when that Word gets in?  It renews your mind – from one that is cursed to one that is the righteousness of God.

You have been made free indeed!  Selah! (a psalmist term from the book of Psalms which means pause and think about it)  Beloved, I am not sure how long you have walk with Christ yet experienced the bondages of sin.  Like Paul said in one of his letters, you do what you know not to do and you don’t do what you should be doing.  Begin today to reverse the curse.  Generational sin and curses were broken at the cross over you life.  Your tomorrow does not have to be like your yesterday.  Accept the freedom that Jesus Christ has already provided to you and run free.  What you sin you break today will not only free you but for generations who come after.

You have been made free indeed.  Now, run.

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