The Art of Pondering and Treasuring

Prayer is a dialog between God, our Father and the Creator of the Universe, and His masterpiece – you.  We have been led to believe it is a monologue where we speak to God.   After we speak, we then depart. Yet, God desires intimate communication with us. How disappointing it is for God for us to speak to Him and then when He opens His mouth, we gather our things to leave.

As we mature, we understand He desires to talk with us and then we build our relationship on communication and prayer.  We talk, share, and we laugh with God. He then trust us to share some secrets of His mysteries. Yet, we don’t respect God shared with us a secret or a mystery.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, understood this art. One of the most powerful things the Scripture allows us into looking at the life of Mary is when a messenger of God, an angel, reveals God’s desire and will for her life.  God doesn’t take His time.  He is not slow about it. He sends an angel to get straight to the point.  Yet, Mary does not jump on board with excitement. She stops. She ponders.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19

Later, after more revelation. . .

But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. Luke 2:51

Pondering is the art of carefully thinking about something especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.  Treasuring is the art of carefully keeping a valuable or valued item.  When God speaks to us, we tend to run out the door to tell another person.

Consider to most intimate time you have had with someone – not sexual alone but deep intimate connection. Yet, afterwards, how much would that intimacy be devalued if we left the space to immediately broadcast the experience. The experience would be devalued to rubbish. Yet, intimacy valued is a incomparable treasure.

Be like Mary. Have a heart to ponder and treasure the things God intimately shares with you.  Keep things in your heart and out of your mouth.  Loose lips sink ships.   Loose lips causes your relationship with God to strain and diminish.

Treasure your time with God. Treasure the things He shares with you.  Ponder and consider the things He shares with you.  Don’t leave the secret place and go out and share its location and the things which happen there.  Allow the secret place to be secret. Allow its secrets to be known only between you and your Creator.

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