Our Bread of Life was Born in the City of Bread

And because Joseph was a descendant of King David, he had to go to Bethlehem in Judea, David’s ancient home. Luke 2:4

With God, nothing just happens. Every detail in the Christmas story is significantly detailed to show the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Being born in Bethlehem is nothing less. Bethlehem, a small city located about 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem, is the town Joseph and Mary were required to travel from the city of Nazareth (approximately 100km) because the Roman Empire desired to do a census.

Bethlehem is a small town known as the hometown of King David, the great (x42) grandfather of Jesus.  Though conceived in Nazareth, Jesus was born in Bethlehem which is also known as the House or City of Bread. The Bread of Life was born in the City of Bread, Bethlehem.

In John 6, Jesus teaches how He is the Bread of Life.  If we partake of Him and live in Him, we will never go hungry.  Jesus declared He is the Bread of Heaven and then said if we eat of this Bread, we will have eternal life.

On the day of Jesus’ birth, the Bread of Life was born in the City of Bread. In fact, His birth and His death reveal His nature as the Bread of Life. At birth, He was wrapped in swaddling clothes. At death, He was wrapped in burial clothes.  Interestingly, it is how bread is usually presented even today.  In the store, it may be wrapped in plastic but served on a table at a meal, it is standard to wrap in a linen cloth.

Jesus said for us to partake of the Bread of Life. In the Bread of Life is all of the things we desire and need to live the abundantly life. How we feast on the junk ‘foods’ of this world thinking it will give us all of the nutrients and enrichments of eternal life. We substitute the real bread with the faux; the authentic with the unnatural.

There is nothing like a great loaf of warm bread taken right out of the oven.  This Christmas, partake of the Bread of Life which will fill every area of your life with the things you need to have the abundant life He promised.  Partake of the Bread of Life and put back on the shelf the junk ‘food’ which does not sustain and lets us down prematurely.  Partake of the Bread of Life because He said partaking of the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, we will have eternal life.

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