My 2018 Goal Mantra

IMG_4669.PNGFor the last three years, I have adopted a goal mantra for each year. They were created for my personal journey to work towards them throughout the year; a center point if you will.

In 2016, I began using goal themes to build a better year and life. That year’s theme was Sabbath Rest. I chose that after visiting Israel a few years before where the Sabbath takes precedence over the whole week.  I studied the importance of the Sabbath.  I read books. I began to celebrate what I call the ‘Christian Sabbath’ which is resting on Sunday. (I know all Christian faiths do not use Sunday as the Sabbath)  I created Sundays to be filled with serving, eating, resting, and family time.

I created some writings regarding the Sabbath here on my blog, Rowland In Life, like 52 Days Off a YearThe One Rule God Made for the Sabbath, and Cure for Almost Every Problem.

Last year’s was Essential Minimalism.  The goal was to eliminate the clutter, mess, and the unnecessary.  It was a year to get rid of everything which slows me down instead of propelling me to my tomorrow. I didn’t know moving would be God’s way of making me get that one.

I wrote about the miracle of selling and purchasing a home.  You can read about it here:  Art of Adoption(s): Unless the Lord Builds the House – A Testimony and “Lord, You are my Real Estate Agent”.  What I didn’t write about was how many dumpsters we filled and how many Goodwills and Thrift Store we filled as well.  What a year for the history books!

This year’s theme is Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry. I heard this phrase after hearing a podcast in my car quoted by Dallas Willard. an American philosopher also known for his writings on Christian spiritual formation, to John Ortberg, famed author and speaker.  Ortberg was the guest on the show.  I couldn’t wait to get to my office to write it down.  I wrote it in big letters and immediately thought this could be 2018’s themed goal

Sad to say but I am rarely present. I can be present but my mind is on fast forward. Always moving. Always dreaming. Always visioning. Always thinking I could be doing something else instead of enjoying the present of someone’s presence. Always trying to find solutions instead of just listening.

So here’s to ruthlessly eliminating hurry in 2018 and beyond. I am going public because going public causes greater attention to my part. You reading this keeps me accountable. Goodbye to hurry. Goodbye to the fast forward buttons and hello to being present.

3 thoughts on “My 2018 Goal Mantra

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