Kick the Bucket List Out the Door

Karen and I have a philosophy.  We do not have a bucket list.  A bucket list is a list of things one wishes to accomplish or achieve before they die.  Bucket list consist of trips, achievements, and accomplishments one desires to make before they kick the bucket. 

Karen and I choose not to dwell on the what-ifs of a future but we desire to live in the present.  We choose not to live on wishes but live on the what-we-can-do-now principle.  It allows us not to rub a genie bottle but question what can we do today, this month, or this year which we would like to do or accomplish.

In November of last year, Karen said she wanted to see a major Christmas production.  Living in Atlanta, Christmas productions rate on the same level as Broadway plays.  They are great. Yet, I thought of something better and more adventurous.  Why not take a one day trip to New York City and see the Rockettes!

A few weeks later, we were on a plane early in the morning.  We arrived in New York City ready for an exciting day. Tickets were purchased and what a show the Rockette’s performed! We ate lunch at a famed Italian restaurant right off Time Square. We saw the windows of Sacs Fifth Avenue,  toured St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and got a chance to view the famous Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center as snow was covering the city.

We were scheduled to return later that night back to Atlanta but the weather delayed and eventually canceled our flight.  What could have turned into a nightmare became an adventure.  We would later be shuttled to another airport on Long Island and return back to Atlanta the following day via Orlando, Florida.  It was a trip we will never forget.

This was our second time in the state of New York in the same year.  In March, we flew to Buffalo to simply eat pancakes. Yes, pancakes! I had seen this seasonal pancake house on television in the middle of nowhere which serves buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup which comes straight from the tap.  We just picked up and went.

It got even crazier.  A weird wind storm was hitting the Buffalo area.  Our flight coming in was the craziest flight we ever took with people screaming.  Our hour-long trip to the pancake house was filled with strong winds, blowing debris, and fire as limbs were downing powerlines.

We then could barely get to our hotel which was right beside Niagara Falls without taking some way off the beaten path roads. The next day, we walked over into Canada and almost couldn’t return back to the United States because there is 50 cent toll fee.  Who knew and who carries cash? It was the best! Sounds crazy but this is how we roll!

These are two examples of recent travels where we jumped. We have many other examples of things we have done, achieved, or desired because sitting around is not an option. We simply live in the now. We live for adventure. The now is adventurous and waiting to be explored.  Bucket Lists are growing lists of ‘I wish I could’ things or ‘when I retire’ things. Live for the present. Live in the moment. Kick your bucket list out the door and live a little today.

What are things you wish to accomplish today?  What can you explore today which you have been putting off? What trips would you like to go on soon that you have placed in your ‘i’ll get to it’ list? What would you like to accomplish this year which you have been putting off over and over again?  Live in the now. Make room for the now. Begin little by little conquering them today!

3 thoughts on “Kick the Bucket List Out the Door

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