Godly and Good While Driving

There are two areas where one can love their neighbor as themselves when it comes to the area of driving. These two areas are simple yet may profoundly rub against your fleshy side.  Yet, once we begin doing them, it could have a seed and harvest effect.  We will see the benefit come back to us.

GettyImages-565876581-56a0f4833df78cafdaa6bcf1One is letting others get the parking spaces closer to the door of a store.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be held up in a line of cars while one greedy person waits for a leaving patron’s parking space.  By the time the person gets into the store, I could have been leaving with my items to going home.  Let’s someone else have the parking space. Gift it to them. Bless them with it.  Leave greed at home and take a blessing with you for someone else.

The other is let someone out or in. You know. You are in a row of cars desperately getting somewhere. Someone needs to come out of a parking lot or their driveway onto the road. You have a choice: act as if you don’t see them or let them in the line in front of you. Choose the latter.  Let them in line in front of you. Again, gift it to them. Bless them with it.  Do good.

Be nice.

Do good.

Drive with clean hands and a clean heart.

Bless someone today.

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