Binding Up Your Mind with the Word of God

Lieut.-Asael-Lubotzky-prays-with-tfillin-after-the-Battle-of-Bint-Jbeil-during-the-2006-Lebanon-War-photo-by-Yoav-Lemmer-via-Wikimedia-Commons-1A tefillin is a small leather-covered wooden box attached to a black leather band. Orthodox Jews place this box just above the forehead then wrap the band around their heads.  The box is what is not important. What is important is what is inside the box – scrolls of parchment containing the Word of God.  This is the Orthodox Jew’s way of applying the words of God as prescribed by God when He said in Deuteronomy 11:18:

“You shall bind them . . . as a sign upon your forehead.’  

Your thoughts inside your mind are the most private part of your life. What you allow to enter your thoughts by history, action, words, sights, smells, etc. are what fills your thought life. Your actions follow your thought life. That is why it is important to fill your mind with the Word of God.

When God spoke of binding the Word of God to your head, it wasn’t about a simple box.  It was taking the Word and filling our mind full of His promises that the Word of God flushed out anything contrary to His Word and will for your life. Your thought life becomes holy. The key is to take the Word of God and bind it to every part of your thought life, your mind, your emotions, and your will.

The original language of the word bind in Deuteronomy 11:18 is the kasher. It means to knit together.  It is important to knit together the Word to your thoughts so seamlessly your thoughts become the Word of God. Read the Word. Dwell in the Word. Agree with the Word. Affirm the Word of God in your life. By doing these things, life will flow forth from your mind.

Knit the Word of God so closely you actually think the Word of God which are the thoughts of God. Your head rules your life. If your head is filled with the thoughts of God, life, freedom, and success will flow forth as well. This is God’s will for you. This is God’s plan for your life.

Allow the Word of God to change your thoughts today.  Bind or knit together the Word of God to your mind so abundant life shall come forth!

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