A Short Story of Pleading the Blood of Jesus

I came across this entry in some writing I did over two years ago regarding a dream I had about one of my sons and the importance of pleading the blood of Jesus over your children.

 As a father, I have had to stand on the Scriptures when nothing around me seemed concrete.  Night and day, I have to meditate on God’s promises for me and my household.

Recently, I had a dream of the enemy calmly sitting in the back seat of an automobile I was driving beside one of my sons.  I couldn’t tell who it was and then it dawned on me it was the enemy, Satan himself.

When the enemy realized I recognized his identity, he revealed himself and declared, “I am going to take him out” (referring to my son sitting there).  I immediately woke up, I calmly began pleading the blood of Jesus over my son. I then calmly and restfully went back to sleep.  Deed done – not by my prayers alone but by standing and declaring the Word of the Lord over my son.

I have learned to stand and stand alone on the Word of God. It is infallible. It is unchangeable.  It does not move with the currents of the times and season. It is there in season and out of season.

Beloved, these scriptures may not mean a thing to you today but there may come a time where just one scripture will be your anchor throughout a storm. Eat the word of God.  Walk on the word of God. Live, move, and have your being on the Word of God and like God told Joshua, you will have success and prosperity! (Joshua 1)


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