The Gift of Goodbye

Relationships are intriguing.  Some last a lifetime like with your family, spouse, or children. Others last a season. Others last a job opportunity. Others last until a graduation takes place.  Yet, there are a very small few which last a lifetime.

Many have in the last several years picked up friendships from social media.  Friends (and in some cases, family) who we thought we would never see again in our life are now on our daily timelines.  Friendships and relationships are being renewed and reinvigorated.

Yet, there are time when a relationship for the believer can become too intimate and become  ungodly.  This happens in dating relationships and between coworkers, neighbors, and good friends. Boundaries are blurred.  Lines are crossed and two individuals find themselves in precarious situations.  I call them ungodly soul ties.

We must remember we are not simply bodies.  We are spirit beings with a soul who inhabit physical bodies.  Our soul is like a pendulum which swings between our flesh and our spirit man.  Like a magnet, whatever we feed our soul causes our soul to be attracted.  Feed your soul spiritual and Godly things, your soul flourishes toward your spirit man. Feed it ungodly, fleshly things, your souls dies a slow death.  What you feed grows. What you starve dies.

Today, you may be catering your soul with a relationship or a friendship which does not honor God.  It could be sexual impure actions in your dating relationship.  It could be an ongoing, gossip-filled times with a coworker.  Maybe it is a relationship which has budded outside of the boundaries in your marriage.

Is there a connection right now with someone in your life which you need the power of the Holy Spirit to end? Are there ungodly actions you need to repent because your participation in a friendship or relationship has not represented God in any way?

God promised Abraham his wife Sarah would have a child in her old age and his offspring would number the stars and the grain of sands on the earth.  Yet, he tried to do God’s blessing by thwarting it with his concubine Hagar.  Realizing he was out of the will of God and out from the blessings of God, He had to let Hagar go.  He had to say goodbye to her and the child he impulsively had with Hagar. He had to let them go.

Today, you need to ask God for the anointing and the gift of ‘goodbye.’ Say goodbye to unfruitful friendships.  Adios to ungodly colleague interactions.  Farewell with corrupt family members which when together produce terrible spiritual results.  So long to spiritually dead partnerships which has been snuffing the light from you which God placed in you.

Your destiny is determined by the company your keep.  Your soul is in the balance.  Write a thank you card to someone today and thank them for their time but let them know they  have got to go.


Father, this is not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it.  I ask you to help me to begin to cut the people out of my life which have gotten so close it is affecting my spirit.  I pray you give me the power and the anointing to say goodbye to any and all family members, lovers, companions, coworkers, colleagues, neighbors, and friends who have torn me away from You, God.  Help me to create boundaries with others and myself so my spirit man will never be hungry again.  In the name of Jesus, I loose and break any and all ungodly relationships and repent of any and all ungodly actions which resulted from my disobedience or innocence.  Forgive me of my sins and actions against you.  Renew a right spirit in me. I can only be whole with you in me and not with the love, attention, and acceptance of others.  In Jesus Name I pray, Amen. 

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