At Ease!

I recently returned from the Dallas area where I was attending a leadership retreat. The leader of the retreat stopped early on the second day with a word of encouragement for the group. He shared his military experience and how the term ‘at ease’ is actually a command. When the highest ranking office in the room sees a higher ranking office about the enter the room, he or she yells to the rest “Attention!”

The then highest ranking officer who enters the rooms states ‘at ease.’ Reason being is when one is at attention, productivity ceases. When one is at ease, productivity continues. The leader then stated he was the highest ranking ‘officer’ in the room however the highest ranking officer, our Heavenly Father, desired to come into the room and declare to all ‘at ease.’

There was a hush throughout the small group gathered. In talking with everyone, all seemed to have come to the retreat at ‘attention’ – worried, carrying burdens, carrying problems, etc. And at the moment we discovered our Master declared over us “at ease,” you could sense the tension in the room depart.

When I returned home, I looked up the term at ease. Amazed, it means “free from worry, awkwardness, or problems; relaxed.” I am sharing this because I believe they are many who will read this at the right moment when the Master desires for you to be free from worry, free from awkwardness or problems, and be completely relaxed.

At ease!

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