God Blessed, God Blessed, God Blessed | Get Into the Blessing

I, along with many from Living Waters where I lead and serve, have teamed up together to read through the Bible. As I read, there is a phrase that pops up continually, “God blessed. . .” That phrase is usually followed by ways God blessed that person, their family, their livestock (work), etc.

I am in the second semester of graduate school. Last semester, I had a paper due which I worked for weeks to complete. I was sitting in my office the day I turned it in online. Hesitant and not quite confident of my work, I asked God to bless it before I uploaded it to my professor. I then pressed “enter.”

A few days later, my paper was returned not only with a passing grade but I passed with a 100! God had blessed by paper. I couldn’t not forget the simple request I had asked Daddy God for his blessing on my work.

What are you working on today? What are you trying to achieve? What goals are you trying to conqueror in your family, your marriage, your career, your schooling? Ask God to bless it and get into the blessing.

Get into the blessing. Walk in the blessing. Drive in the blessing. Work in the blessing. Get educated in the blessing. Parent in the blessing. Be married in the blessing.

As God is writing your story, let Him write, “And God blessed ________________________ (insert your name here).”


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