God Did Not Create You to be Alone

Japan has a sociological phenomena known as hikikomori in which there is an estimated 1 million Japanese who choose to completely isolate themselves from society. Unscientifically, I believe there is a correlation between hikikomori and the high suicide rate which exist in that country.

God did not create man to be alone. To go further, God said it is not good to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) The good in that verse means pleasurable, enjoyable, gratifying, delightful or amusing. To rephrase that verse, God said it is not good, pleasurable, enjoyable, gratifying, delightful, or amusing for man to be alone.

Loneliness hurts.

I found married individuals suffering loneliness. Singles as well. Young and old can be effected by it. Loneliness can plague anyone.

If you are suffering with loneliness, take this season and seek God for good, healthy connections. If He cares about you regarding your clothing and food, I can assure you He cares for your need for companionship and friendship.

You may have found being by yourself is more comfortable than having companionship yet the pain of loneliness afflicts your life. If this is you, commit this to God to assist you in this season to deliver yourself from you and the desires for isolation which lead to loneliness.

From one very shy person to another, there is hope. Our Heavenly Father from the very beginning has desired not one of his sons or daughters to be alone. There is a people out there who need you, your creativity, your humor, and your knowledge. They need you to simply be you.

Come out from your isolation. Commit this season to the Lord and let Him guide you in ways to lick loneliness. Believe Him for someone or many to come into your life. You need them and they need you!

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