Learning to be Content

We are four days into the self-quarantine. This is a new norm it appears. What appeared as if it was going to be for two weeks could last for two months or even more. We are preparing for the long haul.

I reminded what Paul said to the Philippians. He did not say to be content. He said he had to learn to be content in whatever circumstances. He then revealed the secret and that is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and only through Jesus Christ can we do all things.

Everyday will bring about a new challenge. Resourcefulness will be important. Learning to be active, explore your surroundings, taking care of the odd jobs you have not been able to do are things which could occupy your time. At first, it is rewarding to accomplish those things. Then, what is next?

It is through Christ where we look to what is next. Learn to rest through and in Him. Learn to lean on others through and in Him. Learn to laugh again. Learn to socialize again. Learn to talk on the phone again instead of simply texting. Connect. Everyone will need personal interactions. Most importantly, learn to be content in all situations through Jesus Christ.

A few weeks ago, I attend the home opener with several of my friends for my beloved Atlanta United. Several of us arrived early for the game and we had to wait outside the gate for the one who had our tickets. He was caught in traffic. Everyone was having such a great time laughing, joking around, and telling stories but one person – me.

In my mind. my thoughts were plagued with getting inside the stadium on time to see opening kick. “Will I get dinner before or after? Where are the tickets? I want in! Do I go to the team store before or after the game? Do I get dinner before the game or at the half? Where are the tickets? The line is getting long. WHERE ARE THE TICKETS!!”

I looked at how everyone was having a good time. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck and unsettled. I was embarrassed.

It was a lesson to show myself that contentment is far away. I needed to be a person of peace and simply roll with it. In the end, everyone had a great time. I had a great time. Yet, I was extremely humiliated at my thoughts and worrying. I needed to learn contentment.

Beloved, I am embracing this moment. I am having to slow down in actions and thoughts and embrace what every day brings. I can not control and you can not control what is going on around me but we can control how we receive it.

Let us all learn to be content. If we don’t, we could all be in trouble. If we do, this could be the greatest moment. Embrace the moment!


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