Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Some say this is the new norm. Some say it will go back to being the same. If this is the new norm or we will return to the same, I do not know. Can the same ever be the same again?

We have entered a virtual world almost 100 percent. The Jetson’s have become almost a reality. We would eventually get there yet the virus shoved us there. It has thrusted us into online education, online ordering, online shipping, online shopping, online dating, online communications, and the list goes on and on.

Pieces of our lives appear to have been thrown up in the air and we are left to catch all the pieces leaving us presently without any peace. Frustrated, we struggle to find the calm in the middle of the storm. When does it end? What will tomorrow bring? What will next week look like? These questions plague our minds.

In the midst of the chaos, we can focus on one thing – Jesus and His Word. Like his students on the boat in the middle of the storm, He bids us to come to Him and walk on water. We are compelled to turn the storm with all its obstacles into opportunities.

If you look at the thrashing waves, strong winds, and darting rain, we could miss what God desires to do in us during this time. Yet, if we get out of the boat and try something we have never done before, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Launch out of the boat. Step out of into the wind, the waves, and the rain. Keep your focus on Jesus and let your prayer be, “Let me come to you!”

“What if I fail?” is the question everyone ask. We are reminded it was Peter who walked on water. He fell but he did not fail. Those who stayed in the boat failed because they never tried. Don’t worry about failing. Be concerned you will have enough faith to get out the boat.

So today, ask Jesus, “Is that you, Master?” Take every obstacle to Him and turn them into opportunities. Stir up enough faith to get out the boat and walk on water. Even if you fall, Jesus will be there to pick you up and He will carry you to your next destination. You may fall but you will not fail.

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