Motionless. Unmoving. Not moving a muscle. Stationary. Quiet. Silent. Hush. Undisturbed. Calm. Peaceful. Serene. Tranquil. Waveless. These are all synonyms for the word still. Like a parent who is talking to their active child to be still, there are times God bids us to be still, become motionless, hush our mouths, and be calm. There … Continue reading Still

Why Christians Should Not Follow Astrology

My social media is filled with so many people from many backgrounds. As a church leader, my timeline is filled with other church leaders as well as well meaning Christian believers. I am never perplexed when a Christian believers celebrate their belief and use of astrology. Sometimes, believers have never been taught about the dangers the Word of God and astrology. Yet, I am amazed at the number of leaders I see celebrating their birthdays and throwing their astrology sign out there.

Financial Scattering and Gathering

Coming into the Kingdom of God, one must abandon all laws and rules of man and adapt to the laws which govern the Kingdom. The laws are contrary to those we were raised upon, learned in school, or have adapted into our lives over the years. They are rough against our flesh, our ideals, and our nature. God’s laws are supernatural. They are super to our natural laws. Super meaning above, over, beyond, great and to the extreme.