The enemy has thwarted the power of meditating. We are taking it back to the original purpose that God has intended – to meditate, or walk and talk, on His Word on a consistent basis. Reading the whole Bible throughout the year is good for many, but what if we were to take a verse or two and just meditate on it for a while There is a promise of success and prosperity in your life which comes from meditating on His Word and then discover victory in very areas of your life.


Pleading the Blood Over Your Family


Everyone wants their family saved – even the always crazy one at the annual family reunion. In Pleading the Blood Over Your Family, Jason Rowland takes you through scriptures in showing the importance of the blood covenant saved and spared families in the Old Testament and how the blood of Christ, the always speaking blood of the new and better covenant, can be plead over your family today.


Breaking Generational Sin


When it comes to sins passed down from the previous generations, some things are
caught. Some things are taught. In Breaking Generational Sin, you will explore what the Word of God has to say regarding sin from generation to generation. But there is a blessed hope! You will discover how you can discover freedom from those sins through Jesus Christ. He can break every sinful chain your life and establish righteousness down to the next generation and the generations thereafter.

A Short Read to Jumpstart Your Season of Fasting


The act of fasting is a lost art in the Church. It is done very rarely by many believers in most parts of the world but even more rarely in the United States. We may pray and we may read our bibles, yet Jesus led in example and teaching about fasting. Somehow we put these teachings to the side as if to say, “Fasting is not a part of my Christian DNA.” Fasting should be a part of our walk with God, whether it’s once a year, twice a year, or once or twice a month, but there should be some spiritual discipline that goes along with fasting. In this publication, Pastor Jason Rowland unveils some things that new believers can use to partner along with their walk in faith and their fasting life. Also included are some great testimonies as well as over 40 of many more Bible verses regarding fasting.

Bless the Socks Off Your Enemy51BpHvcB9ZL.jpg

Some call it spiritual warfare. Other desire revenge. We are built to fight. We burn to seek eye for an eye but we are called to bless and love our enemies. This micro publication is a publication that will take you through the scriptures to show you how to apply God’s kingdom principles to your hurtful situation and pain. Also included is a list of 30 areas in which you can begin blessing your enemies today. No matter what has been done to you, you can bless your enemies and in return, walk in God’s blessings.