Art of Adoption(s): Rollin’ with the Rowland’s | How We Get Away

Change of place + change of pace = change of perspective I first heard this equation from pastor, author, and church leader Mark Batterson.  It really makes a difference. My personal pastor encouraged us all to take two weeks off.  He would share it takes two weeks to obtain full rest - the first week the … Continue reading Art of Adoption(s): Rollin’ with the Rowland’s | How We Get Away

Art of Adoption(s): New Name and New Identity

Every artist name their creation.  After the final stroke is made, the final chapter is written, or the pottery is dry, the artist have names for their creation.  Naming the piece represents as a whole the work of art.  Naming a child is or should be a long thoughtful process.  Every detail from initials to spelling is carefully given due diligence.  Names are powerful as the work of art is summed by a name. 

Art of Adoption(s): Unless the Lord Builds the House

When Karen and I were married, we made our first home purchase. It was my home. I loved my home. It was mine and it was all mine. Mine, mine, mine. I led my family deep into debt to make my home nicer. A few years later, the Lord laughingly would call us to Atlanta and take away my home. We moved into a small apartment with all of our financed purchases being stored in the apartment one on top of the other. We began the process of getting out of debt. The Lord showed me how much I had gotten out of His will regarding my home. I never saw it as a gift. I saw it as an entitlement.