Superhero, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Superhero, you don’t know the power within until the source of the power reveals Himself.

As I shared in Your Power, Superhero, Moses passed his power and Spirit to Joshua. Elijah passed his power to Elisha. Both men immediately faced an improbable challenge - a river. If you read both their experiences with a river, it appears it was easy.

Your Power, Superhero

What power would you possess if you were a superhero? Everyone has their favorite: be invisible, fly, freeze, climb, be lightning fast. Superhero movies and paraphernalia fetches billions and billions of dollars. We are drawn to its narrative of the natural becoming supernatural. Our inner most being is drawn to the possibilities becoming the superhero we were created to be.

Worshipping in the Wilderness

I have a summer goal to do 10 short hikes this year with one being a long, strenuous hike up Georgia’s Yonah Mountain. Being a few hours from the Appalachian foothills in North Georgia and other hikes which include some of Georgia’s beautiful waterfalls, I can not help feel I have neglected some of God’s most precious creation.

Spirit is Thicker than Blood

Adoption found us. Though we tried countless ways to biologically have children, adoption eventually was in the greater plan God had for us and our children too. When I met Karen, I was already raising a teenager, Jerome, whom I had been raising since he was eight years old. One of the very first conversations Karen and I had was when she stopped me one day in a hallway and inquired about adoption. She had wanted to adopt as well.