52 Days Off a Year

“It is? I forgot about that!” replied a shocked corporate executive and leader in our church after I reminded him one of God’s top ten, the ten commandments, is to honor and remember the Sabbath. He had been raised in a home like I had where going to church was not an option and we were enjoying a breakfast together one morning. “I know!” I shot back. "I forgot too!"

At Ease!

I recently returned from the Dallas area where I was attending a leadership retreat. The leader of the retreat stopped early on the second day with a word of encouragement for the group. He shared his military experience and how the term 'at ease' is actually a command. When the highest ranking office in the room sees a higher ranking office about the enter the room, he or she yells to the rest "Attention!"

Art of Adoption(s): Rollin’ with the Rowland’s | How We Get Away

Change of place + change of pace = change of perspective I first heard this equation from pastor, author, and church leader Mark Batterson.  It really makes a difference. My personal pastor encouraged us all to take two weeks off.  He would share it takes two weeks to obtain full rest - the first week the … Continue reading Art of Adoption(s): Rollin’ with the Rowland’s | How We Get Away

The One Rule God Made for the Sabbath

Honoring the Sabbath conjures up ideas of closed stores, quiet homes, and lazy days. A day of do-nothing. You go to church and then, you simply do . . . nothing. My wife grew up spending Sundays, the traditional Christian sabbath, at her grandmother’s home. With a house full of laughing, playful kids, it was down time for the adults after lunch. The kids had one rule - stay on the porch. You got off the porch and her grandmother would get a switch.