Art of Adoption(s): New Name and New Identity

Every artist name their creation.  After the final stroke is made, the final chapter is written, or the pottery is dry, the artist have names for their creation.  Naming the piece represents as a whole the work of art.  Naming a child is or should be a long thoughtful process.  Every detail from initials to spelling is carefully given due diligence.  Names are powerful as the work of art is summed by a name. 

Spirit is Thicker than Blood

Adoption found us. Though we tried countless ways to biologically have children, adoption eventually was in the greater plan God had for us and our children too. When I met Karen, I was already raising a teenager, Jerome, whom I had been raising since he was eight years old. One of the very first conversations Karen and I had was when she stopped me one day in a hallway and inquired about adoption. She had wanted to adopt as well.